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NFC Temperature Logger

Log temperatures for months and display them with one tap

TAG: Internet of Things

AS39513 is an NFC tag with very low power consumption that can record external temperatures over long periods of time. These tags are typically installed near temperature-sensitive goods in order to track temperature fluctuations during shipment.

Client needs

Our client needed a companion app to configure the tag and demonstrate its features to potential buyers. One of the challenges was to connect to the tag via NFC and allow for transferring and inspecting large amounts of data. A further challenge was to design the app so that it had the simplicity and polish of a commercial app while allowing technical users to configure the NFC tag and analyse the logs in detail.

Our solution

We provided user experience consulting and mock-ups, designing all app screens from scratch based only on the client’s functional specifications. We then developed the full Android app and the underlying NFC interface. We worked closely with the client’s engineers on prototype hardware to shorten the release cycle of the app. Finally, we provided continuous support on bug fixes.

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