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Luke Roberts Smart Lamp

Change the lighting with the swipe of a finger

TAG: Internet of Things

Luke Roberts is a smart lamp with more than 300 coloured LEDs. The lamp directs coloured ambient light at the ceiling and white directional light to the ground. The client’s customers are provided with a companion app to control the complex light configurations.


Our client needed an Android app to complement the existing iOS app. One challenge was the transmission of large amounts of data with minimal latency using Bluetooth LE. A further challenge was the design of an intuitive interface to control the complex multi-directional light emitted by the lamp. Finally, our client needed to ensure functional stability of the app before sending firmware updates out to their customers.


We developed an Android replica based on the iOS app for all screens. We also developed a robust Bluetooth LE interface from Android to the lamp. In collaboration with the client’s designers, we refined the light controls user experience. We worked closely with the client’s engineers to ensure app stability on firmware releases. Finally, we provided continuous support on bug fixes and new features for Android and iOS.

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