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Augmented Polaroids

Scan your photo and bring it to life

TAG: Augmented Reality

Live Portrait provides augmented reality services to photographers. A Polaroid store pop-up project allowed walk-in customers to record a photo and a video message. The photo was then printed as a Polaroid and could be augmented with the video message.

Client needs

Our client needed an iPad app to record the photos and embedded video messages. This app had to be installed at the Polaroid store in Las Vegas. Our client also needed separate iOS and Android apps to display the video messages onto the printed Polaroids in augmented reality via the users’ phones. The client already had storyboards available for both applications and a functioning backend to manage the content.

Our solution

Thanks to our broad range of services, the client received an all-in product package. We provided development of the computer vision and 3D graphics technology and the full Android and iOS apps, working closely with the client’s backend developers. We provided on-site support when the app was installed at the Polaroid store and continuous support for bug fixes and feature extensions.

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