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3D Audio Navigation

Follow the sound and reach your destination

TAG: Augmented Reality

Dreamwaves develops advanced technology to help people find their way in the city using augmented 3D audio. Dreamwaves initially focused on services for blind people and then also cyclists and other target groups. Accessibility is a strong priority for the company.

Client needs

Our client had a basic prototype of the 3D spatial audio technology and needed to develop it into a commercial app with excellent accessibility. The client’s designers had already produced a set of storyboards for the new app. The client needed a partner who could deliver the full implementation of the app, from the underlying technology for position tracking all the way to the user interface.

Our solution

Thanks to our broad range of services, we delivered an all-in product. We developed a cross-platform sensor fusion and computer vision solution and the full iOS app. We also supported the client on bug fixes and feature extensions for app, backend and frontend. With our ad-interim CTO service we subsequently managed the client’s internal developers and external consultants to ensure solid software design.

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